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Educating and Inspiring Couples and the Wedding Community

What is Mountain Wedding Talk?

Mountain Wedding Talk is a podcast for educating and inspiring couples as well as the wedding community who works a majority of their weddings in the mountain regions. When you do a wedding in the mountains there are a few more obstacles to overcome! We are here to not only help you identify the unique issues a mountain wedding can possess, but also help educate you about other vendors and what they need, and how best to work with each other. On the wedding day, all the vendors are a team! And a team needs to all work from the same playbook!


We will be releasing our podcasts starting March 30, 2022. They will be posted on this website and also through various outlets to be announced in March. If you have a topic you would like to hear more about please let us know! If we don’t answer though the podcast, we will either respond directly or create a blog post on it. If you would like to be a guest, please contact us with your name, expertise, contact information, business name and location, if there is a specific episode or topic you would like to be involved in! As always, check back for updates!

Topics for July and August episodes:

July 6, 2022: Episode 15: Having your wedding in the middle of nowhere without a venue

July 13, 2022: Episode 16: Timelines – The good the bad, and the ugly

July 20, 2022: Episode 17: Hotels, Lodging, and Transportation

July 27, 2022: Episode 18: Planners Stories: Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

August 3, 2022: Episode 20: Vendors/Contracts and the state of the economy.

August 10, 2022: Episode 21: Meet and Greets, Rehearsal Dinners, Brunches, and other Weekend Activities

August 17, 2022: Episode 22: The Wedding Party. Who are they and what do they do?

August 24, 2022: Episode 23: Indoor or outdoor wedding? Pros and Cons in a Mountain Setting

August 31, 2022: Episode 24: The Best Season to Get Married in the Mountains

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